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1- Production Quality

Quality is the basic standard for all our products, and we apply steps in the factory to ensure that the final product appears of high quality and suits all customer desires.

2- Distinctive Materials

In the Shoe Experts, We are keen on the quality of the materials and leather used to be of the highest standards to make sure that we produce a comfortable and suitable Najdi shoe for the customer.

3- Sizes and colors

We provide all different colors and creative designs that express the latest fashion trends. We also provide the required sizes, including large and small sizes, to cover all the needs of the market.

4- Competitive Prices

The quality and manufacturing efficiency of the shoe experts ensures a highly competitive product in terms of price without any prejudice to the quality and the final product.

5- Location & logistical support

The presence of the factory in the heart of the city of Riyadh contributed to the abundance of production lines and distinguished logistical support, and then to the ability to produce large quantities and in record times from the baptism of customer requests to the arrival of the goods to the customer's place.