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Excellence, Creativity & Quality

Shoe Experts Factory is one of the largest national factories in the field of manufacturing crative oriental shoes in the Kingdom.

The factory was established to complete a journey started by the traditional craftsmen in  the Najd region, who created a unique design for the soles called (Najdiyah) and then (Zubayriyah).

We have developed this craft to be fashionable and to continue for future generations.

The factory is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the city of Riyadh and is led by a group of distinguished Saudi youth in this industry.

We cover all regions of Saudi Arabia as well as the Gulf countries.

Our Vision

To be the largest factory in the Arabian Gulf region, that meets the needs of our customers in the region, and to be able to produce a product that can proudly bear the badge: 100% "Made in Saudi Arabia.

Our Mission

Building an integrated work environment capable of producing creative products, to comply with the desires of our customers, by providing the best materials, tools, machines and skilled labor.